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2021 · United States


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Published on 24 Dec 2021 / In Drama

⁣Does what we believe about Genesis really matter? Watch Parker's life play out in three different ways based on how he views the beginning of Scripture: Atheistic, Compromised Christian, or Biblical Worldview. The results may surprise you!
What we believe about the past—even the distant past—has an impact on how we live our lives today, including our choices, values, and moral foundation, and yes, even our destiny. Our Foundations illustrates this by walking through a young man’s life (Parker) in three different scenarios: Atheistic, Compromised Christianity, and a Biblical Worldview. In the Atheistic worldview, Parker’s life plays out with the understanding that his life is a product of molecules-to-man evolution over millions of years. There was no creator before him, and he will answer to no moral judge after he dies. Under the Compromised Christian scenario, Parker is raised by parents who take a mythical viewpoint on Genesis, and thus the Bible’s power to be an authority in his life is usurped. If the Bible doesn’t get it right in the beginning, why should Parker order his life after the rest? Thus he lives his life disregarding its principles. Under the Biblical Worldview, Parker’s parents regard the Bible as historically true and scientifically credible, and therefore base their perspectives and choices upon its teachings. This leads to a much different life outcome than the other two scenarios…

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